Arrupe Jesuit High School

Why CWSP Works

The Arrupe Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) works because it provides an economical, high quality solution to meet office staffing needs. Arrupe Jesuit's innovative formula of combining work and education adds up to a unique opportunity for students and for the Denver metro business community. One full-time, entry-level office job is filled by a team of four students. Students are CWSP employees. In addition to managing W-4's, I-9's and Workers Compensation, CWSP staff provides office skills training, transportation and customer support to hiring organizations.

Cost Comparison - "It makes business sense"
High turnover positions are filled by a team of four capable, talented and motivated Arrupe Jesuit students at a fraction of the cost of recruiting and hiring a traditional entry-level employee. The four students each work approximately five days per month, sharing the responsibilities of one full-time position. Hiring organizations have a simple fee-for-service contract with the Arrupe CWSP. The cost is $26,750 for the work year, spanning approximately ten months from the middle of August to the first week in June. Organizations also have the option to hire students during school holidays and over summer vacation for a $95 per diem fee. Contracting with Arrupe Jesuit students for a full calendar year costs $ 32,355, a potential savings of nearly $9,000. The table below is based on the Mountain States Employers Council 2013 Wage-Salary Survey.

Student Work Performance - Setting The Bar High 
Twice each year supervisors evaluate student work performance. This feedback helps challenge students to achieve high levels of performance and ensures that CWSP provides value to the organizations that invest in Arrupe Jesuit students.  In addition to providing an overall performance rating, supervisors evaluate students in several job performance areas, including punctuality, reliability, initiative, work accuracy and speed, time management, and their ability to communicate effectively. 
During the ten year years that Arrupe Jesuit students have participated in CWSP, over 96% have received one of the top three ratings of "Good", "Very Good", or "Outstanding"; over 35% are rated as outstanding.  
Here is a sampling of supervisor comments from end-of-year evaluations:
  • "Carolina's co-workers have been very impressed with her abilities and all feel she as been an asset to our office. Everyone agrees we would hire her in a minute!" - Eide Bailly LLP
  • "Vivi is loved by everyone in our department because of her helpful spirit and go-getter attitude! She is very smart and talented so everyone trusts her to work on projects autonomously." - Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
CWSP - A Win-Win for Students and Employers
Arrupe Jesuit student workers not only provide an economical, high quality solution to meeting office staffing needs, employers consistently report "intangible" benefits of participating in the Arrupe Corporate Work Study Program. Within the bounds of a normal workday, supervisors and co-workers impact the lives of Arrupe Jesuit students in a very powerful way.   Employers can take great pride in their role in helping their students achieve success:
  • Despite that over 80% of students on the free or reduced lunch program, 100% of Arrupe Jesuit graduates are accepted to college
  • Approximately 50% are the first in their family to graduate from high school
  • Nearly 90% are the first in their family to attend college  
  • 70% of Arrupe Jesuit graduates have either graduated from college or are continuing their college studies today.
  • While completing their college studies and after earning their college degrees, Arrupe Jesuit graduates are filling positions with their former CWSP employers.
Alexis has been a great addition to our team! He is hardworking, friendly and demonstrates excellent customer service skills and is helpful to his co-workers.  Recently Alexis has been assisting customers in new accounts and loans as a translator.  Alexis has been eager to learn more about- the bank and teller duties!
1st Bank Teller
As part of her my CHI experience preparation, Ana interviewed with CHI CEO Kevin Lofton.   Following the interview, Kevin could not say enough positive things about Ana and her poise and maturity ... Kevin's words "WOW".  Ana is a great ambassador for Arrupe.  We get compliments about Ana all the time.  Would like to keep her four years.
Catholic Health Initiatives
Jason is committed to detail! There was a significant backlog of documents that needed to be attached to the corresponding invoices in our system. This backup is important, we need to be able to reference it to ensure we are paid by our customers if they have questions regarding our billing. Jason swiftly and accurately scanned and attached the documents to the appropriate invoice. This is a great help! He has a positive attitude and quickly picked up our system. I personally appreciate his willingness to ask questions, his professional demeanor, and the confidence he displays when working on tasks. He is a great asset to our team and we are glad he came aboard.
Eagle Automation